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About Us

Abrostate Overseas known for quality, is established with one objective, that of providing products at best after sales service.

In a new world with fast disappearing boundaries, our vision is to produce goods that are globally appreciated.

Since Our products has been well appreciated in INDIA & ABROAD in last sixteen years, therefore we continue to develop and add more possible features in our products.

Our energy saving furnaces and ovens has brought down the cost of production in many industrial sector are well known to in India today.

Technical capability is our core strength, through which we consistently create products that have the best value in terms of reliability, performance & price.

Our support through field engineers & wide distribution network ensures that the customer’s of small needs are attended to.

Besides, each unit made of ABROSTATE is packed with one common feature and a that is a singular commitment from each of us to give our best.

We have special soft corner for all research institution and universities to provide them maximum technical assistance all the time and by providing extra free services even after guarantee period.